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Whose Number Is This? 5 Tips for Finding a Person’s Name

Did a strange number call you or your partner? Don’t stay wondering, “Whose number is this?” Learn five tips for uncovering that person’s identity today.

The average person receives at least one spam call per day. One third receives two or more spam calls every day. 

Over a third of us are answering those unknown calls because we worry it’s from a loved one. Answering the phone helps us identify the caller. 

But in cases where the person hangs up or doesn’t leave a message, it can have you wondering, “whose number is this?” In the past, the only way to find out was to call the number and hope the person answered.

Thankfully, technology is on our side. Here are five tips for figuring out whose calling you. 

1. Wondering Whose Number is This? Try Google First. 

Google lets you find phone numbers using both business and residential numbers. Just visit Google’s website and type in whatever information you have. 

Google has a very large database of publicly available information. Even if the only information you have is the phone number, their search engine can pull up any information if it’s available. 

Keep in mind, this method doesn’t always work. Especially if the information found online is outdated. 

2. Try a Reverse Phone Lookup

You can also try a reverse phone number lookup. There are many sites online that will allow people to do a reverse lookup just using a phone number.

If the phone number is affiliated with a legitimate person, their name and other details that are included in Public Records will come up. Search results from a reverse phone lookup can sometimes also tell you if there’s a risk fraud or if it’s a spam call.

Keep in mind that the person associated with the number may not actually be the person calling you.

Beware of Spoofing

Unfortunately, scammers can use phone spoofing to make it look like it’s a call from someone you trust. 

Often it’s safer to not answer the phone unless you know who is on the other end. You should also educate yourself on common scams and frauds that scammers use. 

Also, if the number is private, you may be asked to pay for the information you’re looking for. 

3. Make Sure You Use an Updated Directory

Always use a reverse lookup directory that is updated on a regular basis. Look for sites that offer a large database of information.

Otherwise, there’s no guarantee the information you receive is even accurate. 

Especially if the person moves quite often. Also, don’t forget that both landline and cell phone numbers get replaced all the time. 

Do Your Research Thoroughly

The number could still be viable but connected to a new user.

If you suspect someone of wrong-doing, make sure you’re 100% sure you’ve found the right person before making any accusations. 

4. Avoid Using a Directory That Asks for Your Personal Information

Some online reverse phone lookup sites require you to input your own personal information such as your name and address before they let you access their services. Some others withhold search results until you provide them with your personal information. 

It’s best to avoid sites that ask you for your personal information. The reason being is that once they have all your information, they may end up using or selling that information to others. 

Stick to Safer Free Sites 

That can mean you end up with even more phone calls. And you still may never find out whose number called you. 

Also, legitimate free sites won’t ask you for money or personal information to receive results. 

5. Try Social Media

Certain social media sites ask users for their personal information, including their cell phone number. The best sites to do a phone number lookup are:

  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Snapchat often can yield a person’s online username. This will allow you to find social media sites where that username is often found out in the open. 

How to Use Snapchat to Find a Username

To do this, open Snapchat and go to the Add Friends menu. All newly added contacts who use Snapchat are listed in “Quick Add”.

You can then see their username without needing to add them to your Snapchat list. 

How to Confront a Cheater

With any luck, you’ll find out that the mysterious phone number is attached to your significant other’s 90-year old great aunt. Especially since in a recent survey, while we believe that there’s a 42% chance of being cheated on, the actual number is about 9%. 

But if you’re unlucky enough to find out that you’ve been cheated on, it doesn’t feel good. And you should confront your significant other, but only in a way that’s both safe and healthy. 

Here are some of our favorite tips for confronting a cheater:

Gather Your Evidence

Just because you find out who that unknown caller is, that’s not a guarantee something shady is going on. You need more proof. 

Start gathering evidence such as making a chart that lists every time your loved one comes home late. More evidence helps support your claim and may help elicit a confession. 

Rumors and speculation can quickly be turned around to make you look unsteady.

Stay Calm and Neutral

It’s natural to feel hurt and angry when you find out someone has/may have cheated. However, confronting someone when you feel enraged won’t help the situation. 

Instead, take deep breaths, stay calm, and state your concerns calmly, firmly, and clearly. Then allow the suspected cheater to respond to them while you listen. 

Steer clear of making accusations. Instead, stay neutral and lay out the facts. This will help both of you maintain your self-control. 

Choose a Quiet, Safe Place

Never confront anyone you don’t feel safe around. But if you do feel safe, don’t choose a public venue to start airing out your dirty laundry.

Instead, find a quiet place where the two of you can have a much-needed conversation.

Be Ready with Consequences

Hopefully, the outcome is that your loved one isn’t cheating on you. But obviously, if you have suspicions, something needs to change in your relationship. 

And if they are cheating, what happens next? While it’s perfectly okay to give the person a second chance, giving them a free pass usually means it’ll happen again. 

If cheating is a problem, you two need to speak about creating ways for the cheater to regain the trust of the person who’s been cheated on. 

Use Our Reverse Phone Lookup

We have a large directory. If you ever wonder, “whose number is this,” remember to visit our site. 

We’ll help you bust that cheater or find out that there’s nothing to worry about. Click here to look up a number.

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