Tracking Another Mobile Location: All You Should Know

Do you need to track the location of your cheating spouse’s phone and aren’t sure where to start? Use this guide about tracking another mobile location.

For some reason or another, we have all needed to know where a given person is. Sometimes, concerns about infidelity or other relationship issues give people a reason to distrust.

Other times, we need to check in on our kid or other family members and we know better than to simply ask. Tracking another mobile location can get you out of the dark and give you the peace of mind to rest easy.

Do you need to track someone’s location and don’t know where to start? Before you begin, check out our guide to tracking phone locations.

Trust, But Verify

The government of the United States has been in a long-term relationship filled with deceit, mistrust, and plenty of eavesdropping done on both sides.

President Reagan was made aware of popular Russian proverb that says ‘trust, but verify‘. He began to use it in response to Soviet promises to de-escalate their arms programs. The idea is to take words with a grain of salt.

In international arms crises, espionage is the daily bread. When it comes to marital disputes, learning to track other phone locations is a great form of verification.

Top Reasons to Track Another Mobile Location

Do you have a Mikhail Gorbachev in your life that you would like to monitor? Here are some of the most common reasons people have for doing this.

Infidelity Concerns

Are you having problems with your spouse or significant other? Perhaps you really want to trust them, but the inconsistencies and gaps in their stories are becoming harder and harder to ignore.

Suspicions of infidelity are far and wide the most common reason people want to track somebody. As painful as it is, the vast majority of people would rather know the truth than continue to live in a world of lies.

If you want to verify their stories, all you have to do is check their location at a given time. It can only tell you where they are, not what they are doing. However, if they are at an ex-girlfriend’s house when they are supposed to be at the office, you have a good idea of what’s going on. 

Monitoring Children

Do you have teenagers? If so, then you know that they always tell the truth when it comes to where they are and what they are doing, right? Good joke.

As they get older, it is impossible to follow them around everywhere. They might say they are staying over a known friend’s house but in reality, they are going who knows where and could really get into trouble.

Does your kid want to borrow the car for the night? That’s up to you but there is no excuse not to know where they are.

Elder Safety

Sometimes, tracking another phone has nothing to do with lying or misbehavior. The elderly are at a higher risk to suffer from dementia and other conditions that lead to confusion.

People with these conditions can get lost in an otherwise familiar area.

How Do I Track Another Phone?

We’ve all seen the old movies where they plant bugs on cars and other places to track the location of suspects or enemy spies.

Fortunately, just about everyone carries a ‘bug’ in their pockets. All modern smartphones come equipped with GPS.

With the right technology, you can get a live location of any GPS-equipped phone anywhere in the world.

Cell Phone Tracking Apps

Is hiring a private investigator a little intense or costly? Well, you can find a smartphone app to track another phone.

Google Maps

This app comes default on a lot of phones. It’s used primarily for getting directions to places. One of its most beloved features is the ability to choose whether you are traveling by car, foot, bicycle, or public transportation.

It also can be used to track a phone. However, you will have to share the location using the phone you wish to track. That shouldn’t be too difficult.

Find My Phone

Find My Phone has been around for a long time. It will show you the exact location of your device. 

Most people use it to locate their smartphones that have been lost or stolen. However, you could just as easily use it to track the location of your spouse or your kids.

The Legality of Tracking Someone Else’s Phone

You have to be careful if you decide to track someone’s phone. Especially, if you plan on taking legal action as a result of what you find. Read our privacy policy for more information about using our website.

Generally, it is illegal to track another person’s phone without their permission unless you are a law enforcement officer operating under a warrant.

However, therein lies a gray area. If you can somehow get the person’s permission to enable a tracking app on their phone, you are in the clear. You’ll have to be creative and think outside the box to obtain verbal ‘permission’.

Staying In The Know

Few things hurt more than finding out that we have been deceived by someone we trust. However, not knowing and finding out later that you were being lied to the whole time is worse.

Tracking another mobile location is probably the most practical way to find out if your spouse is cheating. You can also use to check up on what your kids and family are doing. 

Our goal is to help you step out of the darkness and stop living a lie. Visit this page for more information on how to tell if your husband is having an affair.

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