Looking To Catch A Cheater? Here’s How to Get the Evidence

If you’re looking to catch a cheater, you have to read our guide to learn how you can get the evidence before you approach them about cheating.

No one enters a relationship thinking that they will be a victim of infidelity, but the fact is 1 in 5 people will cheat.

Cheating can cause much more than hurt feelings though, it can be the catalyst for divorce, separation, or even violence between partners. So how do you catch a cheater and get ahead of the drama? 

It is never easy to face the facts that you might have a partner who is being unfaithful but with our guide, you will be able to find the truth and move forward with your life. 

So let’s start collecting evidence today and begin!

The Behavior

When you are intimate with a person you have a connection that others do not. You develop a sense of their subtleties and you know their daily routines. 

When your partner is cheating you will most likely notice their change in behavior first and foremost. While none of these signs alone is a surefire way to know if your partner is cheating, noticing multiple signs should raise an eyebrow. 

Let’s look into some behavioral signs you need to look out for when trying to discover if your partner is being unfaithful. 

Updated Appearance

There is a difference between your partner getting a little extra spruced up for you or for themselves and a total 180 in their appearance. 

If you are noticing your partner spending more money on clothing or accessories and also updating their hair and/or makeup routine it could be a sign of a new relationship.

Hiding Cellular Calls or Text Messages

Being secretive with calls or messages is a major red flag for deceptive behavior. If your partner is sneaking out of the room to take calls or return messages something might be going on!

If they are excessively protective over their phone or deleting incoming messages they could be hiding something. 

Unexpected Schedule Changes 

Most people have pretty predictable schedules, especially when they’ve been in a relationship for some time.

Noticing that your partner is having unexpected schedule changes could be a sign of infidelity. If your partner is having to leave home at random times for “work” or “meetings” when they never did before, this could be a bad sign. 

How To Catch a Cheater 

The signs are there and your suspicions cannot continue to go on without proof. Luckily for you, we live in a digital era. Everything leaves a trace, so when your partner is cheating it will not be hard to prove that they are being unfaithful. 

Let’s look at some ways you can use technology to validate your feelings about your cheating partner. 

Touch Identification 

Many phones now have the ease of access of a simple fingerprint touch to the back of the device. If your partner utilizes this technology they might think that there is no way you can hack their phone—they are wrong!

You have a couple of options here for accessing their phone. If they leave their phone open and walk away for a moment (not likely) you can go into their security settings and add your fingerprint to the access point.

Another option will take some stealth on your part. Wait for them to fall asleep and simply place the device to their fingerprint. You will then be able to access their device and discover just what they are hiding from you. 

Phone Spyware

Using the method to catch a cheater will take a little bit of finesse and patience on your part but in the end, it will be worth it to have the truth come to light. 

To start you will need to use software or a spyware app for the phone you are trying to access. Many apps make it almost impossible for the user to detect while giving you full access to their device. 

Keep in mind that you could face legal problems should it ever come to that down the line. 

Reverse Number Lookup

Let’s say that you keep seeing a number come up over and over again on your partner’s phone. They are likely to tell you things like “wrong number” or “scam call” but if your gut is telling you something might be up you need to take action. 

When you use reverse phone number lookup programs you can find out the owner of the numbers name, their address, and much more. 

It will be easy for you to discover if it really is just a “wrong number call” or something shady!

Listen to Your Heart and Your Gut

Your intuition should be screaming if your partner is being unfaithful. You will know in your heart and gut first before you have any concrete proof. Here are some signs at home you may notice:

  • Lack of sexual intimacy 
  • Constant nagging or criticizing
  • More anger than usual 
  • Sleeping in separate rooms 
  • Lack of conversation 

These are telltale signs that your partner might be having an affair. Trust your instincts and move forward seeking the truth. 

Catching a Cheater

It is not easy to make a decision on how to move forward once you have your suspicions. That being said, you have to put yourself first.

You deserve to be treated with respect and you deserve to know the truth about what is going on in your life. Using your instincts and helpful spyware will help you get the clarity that you need and allow you to move on with your life.

So now that you know how to catch a cheater you need to make a plan today on what your next move will be. Will you sit by and let it happen or will you stand up and take action today?

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