How To Find Out If Your Partner Is Cheating

It’s not something we ever wish to have to do, but if you do need to, read our guide to find out if your partner is cheating.

Do you have a hunch that your partner’s cheating on you?

Here’s a tough fact to swallow: one out of five adults admit to cheating on their partner in a monogamous relationship. In other words, it’s entirely possible that your hunch is correct.

There’s no need to point fingers and make important decisions about your relationship just yet, though. First, you have to find out if your partner is cheating for sure. There are ways you can do this without confronting him or her outright.

Read on to learn how you can get to the bottom of the truth with these clever tips and resources.

What Are the Signs of Cheating?

First, let’s figure out what fuels your suspicion of infidelity. Does your partner show any of the following signs of cheating?

  • Never loses sight of their phone
  • Hides conversations in person or online
  • Starts arguments with you for no reason
  • Leaves home without explanation or with a cheap excuse
  • Lies about their whereabouts
  • Breaks plans with you regularly
  • No longer wants to be intimate with you
  • Hides certain aspects of his or her personal life from you

If your partner displays any of the above behaviors, you have good reason for your suspicion. Think about when you first began to notice signs of infidelity from your spouse. This will give you a clue about where to begin your search for hard evidence.

Find Out If Your Partner Is Cheating Virtually

Not all infidelity happens in person. In fact, even if your partner hasn’t stepped outside of your relationship sexually, their transgression could still count as a betrayal. There are various forms of infidelity, including physical and emotional cheating. Therefore, it’s entirely possible that your partner is having a long-distance affair.

Look At Their Social Media

Did you know that one of the most obvious signs of a virtual affair is someone’s presence on social media?

Recent data shows that social media makes it much easier and a lot more tempting to carry on affairs for people who are already inclined to cheat.

If you know your partner’s passwords, simply log onto their social networking accounts and have a look around. Private messages often contain the biggest clues that your partner is being unfaithful. Innocent chats can quickly turn into heavy flirtation or sexting.

If you don’t have your partner’s passwords, check out their public or “friends-only” posts on sites you know they use regularly. Sometimes, cheaters tag their lovers on the side in innocent posts by accident. You can glean any further information by checking out some of their tagged friends and connections.

Check Online Gaming Sites

Does your partner play online games?

If so, he or she might be having an affair through a gaming site. Start playing their favorite games as well so you can see his or her interactions with others on the platform. If possible, ask to borrow their computer to check out their favorite game under the guise of wanting to know if you’d like to play it yourself. This may offer even more clues into the infidelity, since the person they’re cheating with may message them while you’re online.

Catch a Cheater Through Their Phone

Since today’s smart phones are the average user’s personal gateway to all things online, your partner’s phone is the best form of evidence of cheating.

That said, your significant other isn’t likely to hand over their phone or leave it unattended. This means you’ll have to use some clever tactics to get the information you need without physically touching their phone.

Track Their Phone

Did you know you can track your partner’s phone virtually?

If you share a family mobile account, you can ask your cell phone provider to track the whereabouts of the other phone on your account.

Failing this plan, use a phone tracking service to do the legwork yourself. Track your partner’s phone when they’re out and you strongly suspect they’re with another lover. Their phone’s GPS location will pinpoint their whereabouts as long as their phone is turned on and active.

Check Their Texts

Are you wondering how you can check your partner’s texts?

Surely, if he or she is cheating, their texts will be a dead giveaway of their transgression. You don’t need their phone in hand to check their texts, however.

Simply use a special site or app to check your partner’s texts using his or her phone number.

These specialized sites are programmed to decode and gain access to text message logs even when the texts are encrypted. If your partner is using third-party messaging apps to communicate with their fling, it might be slightly harder to track their texts down, but the mission is not impossible.

Find More Info Via a Phone Number

Did you know that you can find out someone’s personal details via their phone number?

If you know the phone number of the person you suspect your partner is cheating with, you can use it to find out more details, such as their full name. Just do a reverse phone number search to get these personal details.

Ready to Investigate?

Now that you know how to find out if your partner is cheating, what’s your plan?

You deserve a clear answer to the question of whether your relationship is in jeopardy. You have a right to know if you’re being betrayed. This way, you can decide whether to move forward or move on from your significant other.

What are you waiting for? Start your investigation by doing a phone number reverse lookup today.

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